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Yahoo has up some awesome hulk movie clips! There are 6
"Mindless Hulk" -- Bruce Banner (Eric Bana) and Betty Ross (Jennifer Connelly) try to determine how Bruce had tranformed into a monster.

"Some Jumbo Nightmare" -- Major Glenn Talbot (Josh Lucas) fails to contain an angry Hulk for research.

"Hold Your Fire" -- The Hulk passively halts his rampage when he spots Betty Ross (Jennifer Connelly).

"Stupid Ideals" -- Bruce Banner (Eric Bana) and Major Glenn Talbot (Josh Lucas) have conflicting opinions on how Banner's research is to be used.

"Watch That Temper" -- David Banner (Nick Nolte) tries to convice son Bruce (Eric Bana) that Betty Ross is a dangerous woman.

"Still Smashing After Forty Years" -- Stars Eric Bana and Jennifer Connelly, Executive Producer Stan Lee, and the crew of 'The Hulk' compare today's Hulk to the past representations of the character.
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