Berry Would Play Storm Again

The Oscar-winning hottie says she'd get in the black leather once more.
Halle Berry says despite its title, X-Men: The Last Stand may not be the last X-movie and she probably could be convinced to play Storm once more.

"Berry said that if there was strong enough demand she can definitely see another X-men movie being made and she would drop practically anything to play Storm again," according to Digital Spy.

"There is no real significant talk about it, but I think if this one did well it would warrant a fourth one," she told "I am sure the studio would be thinking that the franchise is not dead and people love X-Men and want to see another one and I think they would [do another one]. I would [do it] as long as I could.

"I have got some projects now that should keep me busy for the next two or three years if I am lucky. It is a franchise that I love and a character that I love and now that I have a voice in the movie I really love it.

"If another great X-Men came along I could probably change my plans."

You can watch the Storm character spot from X3 at Yahoo! Movies.

A Mystique character spot can be found here.

The film debuts May 26.

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