Superman Flies Past Cannes

The Man of Steel was a no-show at the famous international film festival.
For as big of a budget as it had (reportedly more than $250 million), everyone expected Superman Returns to make a splash at the Cannes film festival.

But just six weeks from its release, the Bryan Singer film was no where to be seen.

Warner Bros. told Fox: "Cannes was never part of our plan. The movie doesn’t open until June 30. And wait ‘til you see it. It’s wonderful. It’s really spectacular.”

Plus, it costs millions to promote a movie at Cannes, Fox points out. Still, X-Men: The Last Stand, Miami Vice and Over the Hedge are all hosting huge parties at the event, the article notes.

There are Superman Returns posters at the event which began two days ago but film stars Brandon Routh and Kevin Spacey are notably absent. Warner Bros. publicity staff indicate they won't come to the festival until next Monday.

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