FF2's Alba Drops the 'G' Word

More details on the Fantastic Four sequel from the alluring host of this week's MTV Movie Awards.
Warning: Spoilers

Jessica Alba (Sue Storm/the Invisible Woman) gave MTV more details about the planned Fantastic Four 2: "I start [filming] on August 28th, I think, through the fall. It's going to be a very, very exciting, hot, new, fresh 'Fantastic Four.' We're going to amp up the action, amp up the love interest, amp it all up."

"I'm the most powerful of the four," Alba boasted, "saying that the full-blown effects of the first film's hero-making mishap will finally be felt as she takes on the powers of her comrades," according to MTV. "I can kind of do everyone else's powers," she said.

"There is a little tension between the Silver Surfer and Reed," Alba said. Of the Surfer, Alba said: "He's a little good and a little bad. So it's just a matter of, 'What does Sue Storm bring — the good or the bad — out of that boy?'"

So, is there to be a love triangle between the Surfer, Sue and Reed? Alba won't say for sure but she did drop the 'G' word.

"I cannot bring up Galactus," Alba said, taking a deep breath and giggling. "I can't believe I just said his name.

"Maybe he'll do an appearance," she added.

Also, "We do have some villain action — maybe a new villain, maybe an old villain, maybe one of us turns into a villain," Alba added. Regarding the return of Dr. Doom (played by Julian McMahon in the original): "Maybe, maybe," she offered.

Regarding Avi Arad's recent departure from Marvel Studios: "He owns it, he owns Marvel, he's totally producing," she said. "He owns everybody. He owns all of us — Spider-Man, X-Men, the Fantastic Four."

"'Fantastic Four' is so much fun, and we really have such a great, strong family that we created," Alba added. "I'm totally excited, and with 'X-Men' doing so well, it just lets everyone know [that more comic book movies are wanted]. It's our whole same [Marvel] team. We are all so happy for them, and we're ready to go in this year and bang out another one."

MTV airs its Movie Awards ceremony this Thursday night.
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