New Spider-Man 3 Filming Clips

New shots of the Spider-Man movie now being filmed in the Big Apple. scooper 'Lord of the Weird Blue Shiny Things' sent us these clips from the set of Spider-Man 3 now filming in New York City. Check them out:

Meanwhile, Thomas Haden Church who plays Sandman in the film talked about the movie with radio show hosts Opie and Anthony recently. "At the very end a caller asked how it was to play Sandman and what Venom would look like," reports a Superhero Hype source. "After threatening an anvil on the caller's head for divulging information, he did briefly mentioned that he has been having a good time and had been filming for months. 'A lot of sand and a lot of man.'"

Reportedly, Church said the Venom in the movie would look a lot like the comic book villain.
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