Iron Man Debut Date Unveiled

The Golden Avenger hits the big screen in just under two years.
Iron Man director Jon Favreau wrote on his Blog that he expects the movie will debut in May 2008.

Meanwhile, one of the site's bloggers made up this Iron Man teaser:
After the green PG-13 rating sign you see a bunch of guys with lab coats getting ready to run a test. As they stand behind large windows looking down.
One scientist looks at the other and says
"Are we ready?
"yes sir"
They fire missles at this object that's at the other end of the testing facility.
Huge explosions
Lots of smoke
Smoke begins to clear
lab coats look at each other and grin
camera slowly zooms in and as the smoke clears you begin to see red and gold
and you hear Iron Man by black sabbath (lol sry but what else would you be playing?)
"Mr.Stark the test was a success"
fade to black
letters come up
0 Yes
0 No
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