Spider-Man 3 Shoot Details

Check out this leggy shot of Kirsten Dunst and early word of the first teaser trailer.
Warning: Spoilers

There's more fan reports of the filming of Spider-Man 3 going on in New York.

One Superhero Hype source says the Stan Lee cameo (standard in Marvel super-hero films now) will come during a sequence shot in Foley Square.

Check out pics from the set here.

Another fan describes a scene with Tobey Maguire and Topher Grace to Superhero Hype: "The shoot primarily was of Tobey walking across Court Street from the movie theater in the direction of a Blockbuster on the other side of the street. Suddenly, he stops and turns around as a cab passes by. Supposedly Mary Jane was in the cab, from my view I could not tell. As the cab passes by, Tobey says a quick line which was inaudible, then it appears as if he pursues the cab."

Finally, an Ain't It Cool News source revealed this description of the first teaser trailer for the film that will run with Superman Returns this week:

Spiderman 3 Teaser #1 1:38
0-0:24 Closeup of red suit
siver lettering - "How Long"
0:25 "Can Any Man"
"Fight The Darkness..."
0:30 Black Goo oozing up over the suit.
"Before He Finds It"
"In Himself"
0:40 Camera pulls back to reveal BLACK spiderman in gargoyle pose in the rain
--0:55 Quick shots of all major players back in the story
0:56 Spiderman laying in bed and black web/goo seems to grab his hand from below
MJ(?) Voice over: "What's Happening?"
PP Voice over: "I Don't Know, But I Have to stop it"
1:03 Quick cuts:
Action scenes:
1:05 Giant sandperson (think Mummy) against a city building.
1:06 PP and MJ kissing while laying in a spider web.
1:07 person on green goblin flying gizmo
1:14 PP falling backwards grasping for wedding ring(?) very similar to LOTR scene.
1:18 PP rips open shirt to reveal BLACK suit
1:20-1:30 camera pans around to show black spidey against a mirrored skyscraper with the reflection being red spidey.
1:33 GIANT "3" onscreen
MAY 4th

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0 No
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