Superman Gay???

We've heard it before, but what are the recent Gay Superman rumors about? IFmagazine's Sean Elliott takes a swipe at those who think Supes is wearing rainbows...
Lately, with SUPERMAN RETURNS heading to theatres today, there has been a lot of hoopla about whether or not this is a “gay” movie. Some of our constant readers out there will ask, “What the hell does a gay movie mean?” I have to lump myself in with this grouping of people. Unless the film is specifically marketed towards a gay audience (and there is a whole genre of gay specific films) I’m not certain what the criteria is to assume that a mainstream film has a “gay” theme to it.

Well, folks the purpose of this article, rant, and statement against the mental midgets of society is quite simply this: SUPERMAN RETURNS IS IN NO SIZE WAY SHAPE OR FORM “GAY." Now, having said that, lets start at the beginning.

The genesis for this editorial came from an LA Times article that was run in the entertainment section a couple of weeks ago asking “how gay is SUPERMAN RETURNS?” One doesn’t necessarily expect responsible journalism from the Times on a consistent basis, (after all they have to make sales too now don’t they) but an article like this was an inexcusable smear campaign against filmmaker Bryan Singer.

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