Amazing Screw-On Head Update

Sideways' Paul Giamati will voice the character from the quirky Mike Mignola book.
Paul Giamati told Coming Soon he's very keen to voice the main character from the Sci F Channel's adaptation of Mike Mignola's The Amazing Screw-On Head:

"It's a beautiful looking comic book," he told them. "It was so strange to me, because I'm not a comic book guy, but I was aware of its existence, I'd read it and really loved it. They came to me with it, expecting that I'd have no idea what it was, and I actually know what this thing is. It's kind of obscure, I know, but the animation is really beautiful, and it's very much the animation that it is in the comic book. David Hyde Pierce did Emperor Zombie, the villain in it. It's obviously fleshed out a lot and given a lot more humor. Now they're going to come up with original stories, and I don't know who does that."

Will it become a regular series? "That's the idea. It would be really great if it was. The guy who is the head of the SCI FI Channel, a very wonderful interesting guy, it's very much a pet project of his because he loved that comic book. They're very interested and they're going to sort of put it on the internet to create some culty interest in it, and hopefully, people will be interested in it. It's an interesting idea, and if they pull it off, it would be really fun to do."

The Amazing Screw-On Head will go up on the SCI FI Channel's broadband station Pulse on July 13.
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