'Alfred' Confirms Joker in Batman 2

Michael Caine says the Clown Prince of Crime will indeed be Batman's next foe.
Veteran actor Michael Caine confirmed that the Joker will be the villain of the next Batman film, directed by Chris Nolan. And he mentioned this fact in a way that suggests the title of the next film might contain the words "The Joker," or at least have that working title.

"Now I will do something there are three pictures I want to do, small parts," Caine told TCM Online. "One [Children of Men, released September 2006] is with Alfonso Cuaron who directed Y tu Mama Tambien, I wanted to work with him and then Christopher Nolan who directed Batman is doing a smaller film called The Prestige about magicians and it's very interesting. And we're going to make The Joker next year," Caine said.

You can read the entire interview here.
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