Aquaman Could Surface in Hollywood

Although the TV series wasn't picked up and it's a joke on Entourage, an Aquaman movie might be in the works.
According to the Los Angeles Times, an Aquaman film could become a reality despite the CW (WB and UPN) rejecting the TV pilot.

A film based on DC Comics' King of Atlantis is the central plot element of James Cameron's Entourage. "But now, informal talks have been launched about the feasibility of making a real Warner Bros. 'Aquaman' movie," the L.A. Times says. "In one of the strangest twists of this life-imitating-art tale, the talent agent at the center of the informal 'Aquaman' talks is Ari Emanuel, the brassy Endeavor partner on whom 'Entourage' agent Ari Gold is based."

Although Warner Bros. told the paper it's not currently developing an Aquaman feature film, four people confirmed talks are underway to secure the film rights for McG to direct. The director's agents refused to comment.

"It's obviously very flattering," says Doug Ellin, the creator of "Entourage" who came up with the "Aquaman" plot. "We sort of made an 'Aquaman' movie a believable possibility."

When Al Gough and Miles Millar's Aquaman pilot debuted on iTunes last week, it quickly became the service's most downloaded video, Apple said. Last season's episode of Smallville that featured Aquaman was the season's highest-rated episode, the paper notes.

A TV series could still be a long shot, Gough said. And, "an 'Aquaman' movie may be even more of a longshot. A feature film would involve costly special effects and might call for long segments filmed under and on the water, a feat tough enough to almost derail both 'Titanic' and 'Waterworld.' What's more, comic book fans know Aquaman as a member of the Justice League or the Super Friends — where the King of the Seven Seas, as he is also known, plays second fiddle to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman," the paper said.
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