Thomas Haden Church Bulked Up for Sandman

The actor reveals what it takes to play the spectacular Spider-Man 3 villain.
Thomas Haden Church, who plays Flint (Sandman) Marko, in Spider-Man 3, talked with Sci Fi Wire about the training he had to go through to get ready for the role.

"It was physically daunting to show up last year with the physique of a fishwife and, weirdly, they said, 'This won't work for us,'" Church said, jokingly. "[They said,] 'You've got to be more built.' But, actually, [co-star] Topher [Grace, who plays Eddie Brock/Venom,] and I both trained with a team of [physical trainers]."

Grace then quickly added: "He saw slightly better results."

Church continued "No. ... I mean, ... you know, you just ... try to once again ... toe the line and do what's asked of you. ... But it's different. ... It's been a great discipline. I worked out for about probably 16 months, and ... it was a good ... discipline to have in my life. It was very invigorating to reincorporate that."

Spider-Man 3 opens May 4, 2007.
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