Hellboy 2 is Rescued From Limbo

Universal Pictures will finance Guillermo del Toro's sequel to the Dark Horse comic film.
The Hellboy sequel, which has been homeless since dropped by Revolution Studios, has been picked up by Universal Pictures, says Variety.

Guillermo del Toro will return as writer/director and Ron Perlman will come back as Hellboy, described by Variety as "the humanoid creature born in the flames of hell who was deposited on Earth's doorstep as an infant and battles otherworldly evil for a covert government agency." The trade adds that "Selma Blair returns as [Liz Sherman] the horned hero's pyrokinetic love interest."

Mike Mignola will co-produce. Production starts in April in Budapest and London.

Del Toro has said that his script will focus on threats borne of mythology and folklore inspired by Mignola's Dark Horse comic.

Two Hellboy animated films are in the works as well and should air on Cartoon Network when finished.
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