Hottie Howard: 'Gwen Stacy' Lives On!

Bryce Dallas Howard talks about the return of Peter Parker's platinum blonde bombshell in Spider-Man 3.
Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays Gwen Stacy in the upcoming Spider-Man 3, talked with Ain't It Cool News at the San Diego Comic-Con held last month.

Here's highlights:

Ain't It Cool News: When you got the part did you go back and look at the original comics and take anything specific from that depiction of Gwen Stacy?

BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD: Sure. First and foremost, the look of the character was imperative in creating that... And secondly... well, what world is this girl coming from? I mean, she's coming from a very, very different world than, for instance, Mary Jane, a very different familial background. If that's her backstory, how does she enter to this film tonally that's also appropriate? I mean, she can't come in just like sunshiny all the time, but how do we create that...

Ain't It Cool News: What was your favorite thing that you shot for the movie?

BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD: I'd have to say that moment where I was on 52nd Street and falling down 5 stories, holding on to Spider-Man. I was just like, "This is AMAZING!!! This is unbelievable!" I was in New York, being carried by Spider-Man!

You can read the rest of the interview here.
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