Chris Nolan: Batman 2 'Quite Different'

The director promises to change things up in The Dark Knight despite the success of Batman Begins.
Dark Knight director Chris Nolan says that despite the success of Batman Begins, he plans to make the sequel into something "quite different."

"I think what people responded to well about 'Batman Begins' is how different it was from their expectations so I think we would be foolish to not recognize that and to [try to replicate that now predictable blueprint]," he told Coming Soon. "I think we'll be doing something very different for the sequel. I certainly wouldn't have any interest in trying to repeat experience or the formula we've made, because particularly being the origin story, it's a very unique thing, a very singular experience. My interest would sort of be to move on from that and to do something quite different."

Heath Ledger has been cast as the Joker opposite Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne/Batman protagonist.

The first film's success caught Nolan by surprise "for the simple reason that I felt we had really poured our hearts out in making a good film and that on our own terms we had succeeded. I never really expected to satisfy critics and Batman fans and regular audiences equally. I mean I thought maybe we'd get two points on the drawing board if you like, but the fact that all three seemed to respond well, that was a big surprise to me. I mean it felt like you were going to lose one aspect or someoneā€¦ I think we were very fortunate in that regard, it's very gratifying."
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