Punisher Special Edition First Look

Seventeen extra minutes of punishment will be doled out in this special edition release.
Look for the Special Edition release of The Punisher from Lionsgate Nov. 21. There are 17 more minutes of new material on the DVD of the 2004 movie which starred Thomas Jane and John Travolta.

The studio listed some of these tentative features as:

  • Animated Kuwait Deleted Scene: The Kuwait scene, originally slated to open The Punisher, was never shot due to budget constraints. Audiences will finally be able to enjoy this scene as it is recreated in animated form. Tim Bradstreet, the artist responsible for Punisher comic book covers, creates a dynamic and impressionistic action sequence which complements the visual language of the film's credits. Audiences will have the option of playing the animation before the picture begins so the scene can be appreciated within its original context. In the style of the opening credit sequence for The Punisher, viewers we will see Bradstreet's style slowly unravel the storyline.

  • The Punisher Comic Book Gallery: This feature will allow viewers to click through a gallery of select past and present Marvel comic book covers featuring The Punisher. A treasure trove for The Punisher comic book fans -- this is the ultimate compendium to anyone's collection.

  • "Making Of" Featurette

  • All-new Tim Bradstreet illustrations

Punisher 2 is in development with Jane expected to return in the title role.

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