New Fantastic Four Toon Art, Plot Details

Including word of a throwdown between Ben Grimm and a certain green-skinned rival.
The Cartoon Network's Fantastic Four cartoon series will feature a Thing vs. Hulk fight early on.

Story editor Chris Yost said that the episode featuring the fight will be titled "Hard Knocks."

Other highlights of the recent press interview:

  • "Trial by Fire" starring Ronan the Accuser will replace "Doomsday" this Saturday as the first episode. Doctor Doom will come in the second week.

  • Marvel Studios Craig Kyle said this of voice actor Paul Dobson, who plays both Doctor Doom and Mole Man: "You couldn't have two more different voices in animation. His Mole Man sounds like a smoker who smokes five packs a day and can't laugh without a hacking wheeze."

  • Look for the Baxter Building to get launched into space. "And Reed says, 'Thank goodness I prepared for this,'" Kyle said. "It's so big and so out there."

  • The cover from Fantastic Four #1 in which the FF fight the Mole Man's Giganto will be replicated somewhere in the show.

  • Yost said the series will feature "modern interpretations" of the FF lore. "When I grew up reading the FF, I started in the mid-80s with John Byrne's run," he said. "But we went all the way back to when it started from the '60s and up. There are elements we take from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's days all the way up to (Mark) Waid's days."

  • The anime feel of the show, including the spray painted 4 on Thing's chest, came from Moonscope, the French animated studio which is producing the series with Marvel.
    "It's a great new look for the series," Kyle said. "I think this series rises above everything that has come before."

More images can be found here.

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