Luke Cage Movie Being Rewritten

Also, actor Tyrese Gibson says he's not fully committed to the Power Man film.
Tyrese Gibson, who has a part in the upcoming Michael Bay-directed Transformers movie, says the Luke Cage film is undergoing some changes.

"Right now they're doing a rewrite on the film," he told IGN. "[Director] John Singleton's got me at the top of his list. I'm not full-on committed to the project but it's something I'm extremely interested in. Met up with Neal Moritz a few times about it. Met up with Avi Arad a few times about it, and you know, we'll see what happens.

"It's not my movie, for the record. But it's something they're really interested in me being a part of. I'm interested in being a part of it and I think we'll be able to determine—if John Singleton, if me, or whoever else is gonna be on the project—we're waiting on the product. We can't do a movie without a good bible. What are we gonna read?"
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