Superman II The Richard Donner Cut

Superman II re-release featuring new never before seen footage.
Superman II The Richard Donner Cut, is a re-release like no other. Due out on November 28th of this year, it is bound to draw Superman and comic book fans alike.
The Film will feature entirely new never before seen scenes, including a new opening, more scenes of Lois and Clark at the Fortress of Solitude, Remastered scenes of Marlon Brando and several new special effect sequences.

Richard Lester will be taken off as director and Richard Donner will take his place. Michael Thau told British magazine HotDog that The Richard Donner Cut will feature “less then 25% of the original Richard Lester scenes and it would reflect the way Donner had intended it to”.
Most of the project is still behind closed doors, but the project is still under speculation, some of the major questions being asked is whether the new version will only be re-made of Donner's New Footage or Both.

When Michael Thau was asked about the changes by Now Plating magazine he had this to say “A lot of scenes that had been already cut, that Richard Lester had interwoven new material in — and there was a lot of them — I unwove that material and recut those scenes, basically from scratch a lot of times. I also had to deal with negatives that had already been cut. And when I wanted to recut it, and Lester had already cut it in a different way, I'd have to unwind that. It was a complicated jigsaw puzzle sometimes, to put it back the way I envisioned Dick would want it cut. ... We only used the Lester footage when there was material when they had not been able to shoot, and to keep some continuity to the story.”
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