WAKE THE DEAD sure to awaken evil

Steve Niles hits horror again with reanimating bodies
Dimension Films recently bought the movie rights to Steve Niles' comic horror series Wake The Dead, with X-Men 2's Mike Dougherty adapting the comic to screenplay.

WTD is a face-flattening take on the classic story of reanimating the dead presenting an overbearing and overzealous Victor, a young intellect bent on "curing death" by using crash victims for spare parts and the brain of his close, self-destructed friend. If only I had had friends in the mortuary business growing up ...some people get ALL the breaks!!! Wake The Dead started out as a 5-issue series, has since been collected into a 128-page trade paperback and features splattering artwork by the ever-irreplacable Chee. More info TBA!!!

Fans of Steve Niles are also happy to know that Niles' bloodbath 30 Days of Night is churning into a film produced by non other than Evil Dead's Sam Raimi.
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