Red Sonja the She-Devil Rises

...with a bloodied sword and a $25 million budget
She's back! Synopsis: At the very young age of 17, in their home in Western Hyrkania, Sonja's entire family is viciously murdered by a rapacious band of mercenaries. The leader of the pack rapes Sonja and leaves her full of shame, surrounded by nothing but the lifeless bodies of her family. Scathach, the red goddess raises an eyebrow and gives her mastered and unmatched skill in sword wielding, as well as with other weapons, as long as Sonja agrees never to give herself to a man unless he proves to best her in combat.

Millenium Films and Emmett/Furla films will bring the new film to us with a production budget of more than $25 million. Head of Millenium Films Joe Gatta said "The first movie was not a good one -- all the more reason to remake it. It is a great character and a great brand."

Just a year ago, Dynamite Entertainment put out a Red Sonya series that became one of the best selling independent comic books out there.

Red Sonya originally 1st appeared in the Marvel comic book series Conan the Barbarian in 1973. Robert E. Howard, Sonja's creator, gave Sonja her own comic book series soon after and in 1985 Brigitte Nielson played her role alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger.
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