Record-Breaking X-Men DVD Sales!

20th Century Fox Sells 2.6 MILLION UNITS of X-Men: The Last Stand In FIRST DAY OF SALE
You'd better go out and grab your copy! Mutant fans have turned X-Men III into the biggest October DVD debut ever, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

The fourth quarter reportedly got off to a bang this week, with both high-profile DVD releases that streeted Tuesday -- 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment's "X-Men: The Last Stand" and Buena Vista Home Entertainment's platinum edition of "The Little Mermaid" -- exceeding sales expectations.

Industry sources peg combined consumer spending on the titles to be more than $80 million, making Tuesday the biggest fourth-quarter opening day in the history of home video.

" 'X-Men' is outperforming our projections," Fox senior vp marketing communications Steve Feldstein said. "We had high hopes, and it's even outperforming those. This is a terrific start for the quarter. These two titles created a perfect demographic storm at retail."

Industry sources put first-day sales of "X-Men" at 2.6 million units and "Mermaid" at 1.6 million units. Those figures include sales to rental dealers and account for about 30% of inventory, significantly higher than normal.

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