An Alias Movie for Jen?

Will the superhottie Jennifer Garner star in an Alias movie? From the super sexy episode after last night's superbowl, we can only hope to see more of this very talented actress! Whoo hoo! See what the gossip is over at DF.
Could you deal with a big screen Sidney Bristow? Talks are underway to transform Alias, ABC’s steamy spy series starring Jennifer Garner, into a movie.

"It has come up, and... it's an interesting idea," Executive Producer J.J. Abrams tells TV Guide. "My agents have talked to me about it, and I know that they have talked to Disney about it, but it's nothing that is seriously being pursued.

"Given the fact that we try every week to do a movie version of the show, it's not clear to me what we would try to do that we aren't already trying to do," he adds. "And I wouldn't want to make the show look small by doing a [movie]. You have to be careful of that."

The movie wouldn’t be considered until the series had ended, he said.
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