Kristanna Loken Starring In New Painkiller Jane Action Series!

Terminator 3's liquid metal, super-sexy supervillain battles bad guys in the new Sci Fi original series
Remember Kristanna Loken? She wrecked the party in Terminator 3 as the T-X, or Terminatrix, the most developed (in more ways than one) Terminator machine of all. She's back to raise some pulses again, only this time she's showing up as Painkiller Jane.

In the comic series, Jane was an undercover who infiltrated the Fonti mob. She got in good with the boss and one day he had Jane
deliver a message to a rival gang member, Adam. She delivered, not knowing that she was carrying explosives which blew up, leaving Jane severely injured. Unharmed, Adam mysteriously brought Jane back to full health. This gave birth to her super element of recuperation.

Jane's taken an axe in the spine, shotgun blasts to the face and many other wound-inflicting and deadly attacks ...and she always comes back! She's also a fine connisseur of guns and has appeared in crossover issues with the likes of Punisher, Vampirella and even Hellboy!

Kristanna Loken will also serve as co-executive producer for the new series. A made-for-TV movie version of Painkiller Jane was also aired on the Sci Fi channel in December 2005, with Emmanuelle Vaugier as Jane.
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