300's Zack Snyder Will Direct Film Adaptation of Cobalt 60!

The story of a futuristic wasteland where a masked hero has a bloodthirst for vengeance...
The rights have been acquired by Universal Pictures to adapt the cult comic Cobalt 60 to film, which will be directed by 300's Zack Snyder! Snyder and his wife Debbie will also produce the film and the search for a writer is still underway.

Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where only aliens, mutants and other twisted creatures roam, a masked hero's parents are killed by the evil Strontium-90. Hellbent for vengeance, Cobalt 60 sets out to find Strontium-90 and get some payback for the murders of his mother and father.

The late Vaughn Bode created the first character for Cobalt 60 on a piece of scratch paper in 1959 and finally expanded it into a 10-page story in 1968 which won him the 1969 Hugo Award for Best Fanzine Artist. Despite winning the Hugo, Bode never did anything else with the character. His son Mark Bode revived Cobalt 60 with his own art and characters and writer Larry Todd in 1984, which was published in the magazine Epic Illustrated.

Zack Snyder directed what is quite possibly the best remake of a horror film ever, 2004's Dawn of the Dead, and will also direct the film adaptation of the comic series Watchmen. His highly-anticipated 300 comes out in 2007.
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