4th Villain In Spider-Man 3?

A new story tells a rumor of an appearance by Mysterio ...played by Bruce Campbell!
According to Film Ick, another villain will be making an appearance in the 3rd Spider-Man film. The villain is Mysterio, the master of special effects and is to be played by none other than Evil Dead's Bruce Campbell! Campbell's cameo appearances in Spider-Man films include the wrestling announcer in the 1st film and the usher at Mary Jane's play in the 2nd film.

Sam Raimi and Avi Arad are said to both have cameos in Spider-Man 3 as the director and producer of a new film about Spider-Man. The man on the set in charge of special effects is Quentin Beck (aka Mysterio) and that's supposed to be about as far as the role goes!

If the Mysterio rumor is true, that makes the 4th villain affiliated with the Sinister Six to make an appearance in a Spider-Man film after Doc Oc, Electro and Sandman!

Bruce Campbell jokes about the cameos for the series and almost talks about his role in Spider-Man 3 in his previous video blog.
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