The Dark Knight: Holy Windy City Batman

There is a strong possibility that the feature film “Dark Knight” will be filming in Chicago.

I sure hope we return to Chicago," says screenwriter and former Evanston resident Jonathan Nolan, who is working on "The Dark Knight" script in an interview with the Chicago Sun Times. His brother Christopher Nolan shares the same sentiment. Christopher Nolan goes on to say that the first time filming in Chicago was “remarkable”. "I think Chicago is the best place in the world, and it was my childhood dream come true shooting the first "Batman" film with Christian there," Jonathan Nolan said. It was my fantasy to have car chases on Lower Wacker."
There is silence from everyone on any talk of “The Dark Knight”, but Nolan did disclose, "My draft is done. My brother is fixing my mistakes and then I'll get back to work on the script in a few weeks."
Stay tuned…. same bat time….same bat channel!
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