Neil Gaiman's Stardust Hits Theaters March 17, 2007!

The fantastic action adventure graphic novel from the writer of Sandman to hit the film screens everywhere!
Stardust, to be released March 17, 2007 by Paramount Pictures, is the romantic story of a man on a quest to find a fallen star for his love in a fantastic land on the border of his home town called Faerie. The film, directed by Matthew Vaughn will star Charlie Cox, Claire Danes, Robert DeNiro and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Created by Neil Gaiman, Stardust was originally a four-part series published by DC Comics' mature-reader label Vertigo, and has since been collected into a graphic novel inluding the highly sought-after hardcover version.

One of the characters, a talking tree with red-leaves is based on Gaiman's friend and singer/songwriter Tori Amos. In Boys For Pele, Amos mentions Gaiman in the song Horses: "...and if there is a way to find me you will find me ...but will you find me if Neil makes me a tree?"

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Shots of Stardust have recently appeared in a spanish magazine as well as

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