New Batcycle for The Dark Knight

Will Batman be riding a motorcycle in the upcoming film?

Recent rumors suggest Batman may be sporting a new set of wheels in the way of a motorcycle for the upcoming Batman sequel 'The Dark Knight'. No this isn't what the new bike will look like, or at least we hope not. The source claims, "The bike looks a lot like something Bats would ride."

Here's more:

"I know guy named John Brickey here in Louisville, KY. He's one of those guys who builds motorcycles. He and his little company are building a bike codenamed 'Sidewinder.' He showed me a picture of it, unfinished, on his camera phone and told me that after building a bike for a WB executive in California, that they may want to speak to him about building the Sidewinder, or some derivative thereof, for the upcoming movie 'The Dark Knight.' The bike looks a lot like something Bats would ride."

'The Dark Knight' will hit silver screens everywhere 2008.

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