Sneak Peek at Superman Returns Scene

New clips and designs of the cut "Return to Krypton" sequence from the movie!
Ben Procter, a 2D/3D Conceptual Illustrator who has worked on films such as "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and namely "Superman Returns" has now revealed short CGI clips & designs of the cut (SR) "Return to Krypton" sequence.

Regarding the deleted scene director Bryan Singer has been noted as saying, "What happened was I had this cut and it was timed to sit with an audience, what I call a friends and family screening, and as I'm watching it I looked at certain things and felt certain things and one of those was really tough - it was the "Return To Krypton" sequence. A whole sequence in space. A very expensive, elaborate sequence, but in the context of this movie it just wasn't necessary and it wasn't important. It could live afterwards."

Procter has also posted clips and designs for the Fortress of Solitude and baby ship scenes from Superman Returns.

You can click here to view the clips and designs.
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