Superman Sequel Deal Confirmed

Variety says there will be another Bryan Singer-directed Man of Steel movie coming in the summer of 2009.
Variety says Bryan Singer has signed on to do another Superman film in the summer of 2009 for Warner Bros.

There's no script or budget yet, the studio said.

"The sequel is apparently at the very beginning of the development process and, as with any other project, there are any number of factors that must be addressed before it is greenlit," the trade said.

"While Superman Returns wasn't the performer the studio had hoped for, it has earned more than $390 million worldwide and WB and Legendary say they will still turn a profit from the film."

"The two companies are sure to insist that the sequel's production budget comes in under $200 million," adds the trade.

Brandon Routh is optioned to return in the lead role.

This report confirms what IESB reported earlier last week.
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