Perlman and Hu added to cast of Afro Samurai

Hellboy's Ron Perlman and X-Men 2's Kelly Hu join Samuel L. Jackson in the animated series based on the original manga by Takashi Okazaki!
Hellboy's Ron Perlman and X-Men 2's Kelly Hu will join Samuel L. Jackson in the five-part animated series Afro Samurai!

Afro Samurai is based on the graphic novel by Takashi Okazaki. The manga follows Afro, who's father is slain in front of him by the 3-armed gunman when he is only a boy. As #2 in
the samurai world, Afro seeks out the evil Justice, to exact revenge and become #1.

Well-known bad-boy Samuel L. Jackson, who will give the voice to the Samurai, will also serve as executive producer for the cartoon. Kelly Hu will provide the voice of Afro's friend Okiku and Ron Perlman will lend his vocals to the grim voice of Justice!

Original music for the series will be provided by The RZA who also organized, produced and partially orchestrated the original music and most of the sound effects for Kill Bill.

Afro Samurai, produced by Japan-based studio Gonzo, premieres on Spike TV January 4th, 2007! Check out the official site to catch the trailer!

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