Joker role to take on original comic book appearance

According to IGN sources, " The Dark Knight", follow-up to "Batman Begins", will appear to take on the story line of the first-two-comic books from the silver age(1939).
It is clear that "Batman Begins" shows us the mythology of Bruce Wayne/ Batman, and the hidden demons that tourment his dual life style. Butin the sequel "The Dark Knight", it gets worse before it gets better, as seen in the final clip of"Batman Begins", with Lt.James Gordon holding a joker card. Which was left behind during a robbery heist. We all remember Gordon's favorite punch line "He seems to have a taste for the theatrics also".

According to Producer/writer Christopher Nolan, the Joker will be depicted in the manor of his first two appearances in the early comic book run. Unlike Tim Burton's 1989 block buster, the Joker is a jewlery theif, who in the beginning works alone, before acquiring any henchmen.

Heath Ledger(Joker)has been quoted saying," It will be less about his smile, and more about his eyes".

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