Robert Downey Jr. on Iron Man

Talks about Iron Man's suit and doing "all" the motion capture work.
In an recent interview for "Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus," actor Robert Downey Jr. spoke about the highly anticipated Iron Man movie based on the popular Marvel Comics character.

Regarding the character's suit: "The suit for 'Iron Man' is so complex and does so much stuff that except for once or twice or from the chest up, I'm not required to do all that much."

When asked if he'd been fitted for the armor yet: "What I will do is a lot of motion capture so that the movement isn't just some random stunt guy. A lot of time I look at CGI and I'm like 'What's the reference for this? This looks like a cartoon reference not a person." So I said I want to do all the motion capture work, which is like eight months after finishing shooting, but as much as it as I can do, I will."

"I loved Marvel and 'Iron Man' to me is the goods,"
said the actor when asked whether Favreau approached him or whether he went after the part.

"Tony's a perfect fit for me, and if I was ever going to do this type of thing, I thought, you know, like early '40's. Great, because when you hang up your 'macho hat' and start directing or doing other stuff, it's not an embarrassment to be doing this in your late '40s still if we wind up doing three of them."

Apparently the actor also says there will be some big casting announcements made soon including "Pepper Potts" and perhaps a major role.

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