Stan Lee to make cameo appearances in SM3 & FF2

Legendary Marvel Icon Stan Lee(writer/creator) will once again make breif appearance's in next summers up-coming films.....

For the rest of this Q & A with Stan Lee and Kevin Smith click on the link below:

by Emmett Furey, Contributing Writer
Posted: November 9, 2006

Last week, CBR news caught a screening of "Spider-Man 2" at the world famous Grauman's Chinese theater in Hollywood, California. It's a safe bet that every audience member in the packed house had already seen the film, but that's not why the comics fans came out in droves that night: They were there to see the Q&A with Spidey creator Stan Lee himself and special guest host Kevin Smith.

In his remarks before the film, Stan revealed that the now-legendary phrase "With great power comes great responsibility" came about as a happy accident. "I had written the story, and I always put the dialogue in after the drawings are done. So I wrote the final caption, and there was a little space left over, and it looked like it needed a few more words," Stan said. "It filled the space perfectly! I didn't realize it was gonna be like 'Friends, Romans, Countrymen' someday."

The cameo-hungry comics legend lamented his scant few seconds of screen time in the second installment of the Spider-Man movie franchise, but Stan did dangle a few breadcrumbs about his Hitchcockian cameos in the upcoming "Spider-Man 3" and "Fantastic Four 2."

"In Spider-Man 3, I actually have a scene where I'm speaking to Peter Parker. What I say is so profound, and so meaningful, there won't be a dry eye in the place," Stan told the audience. He was hesitant to go into specifics about his FF2 appearance, but he did say it was a callback to a classic issue from his run on the titular comic series. "Jack Kirby and I had done a 'Fantastic Four' story a million years ago, and there was a scene where we injected ourselves into the story. Jack actually drew him and me in a panel in the story doing something. In 'Fantastic Four 2,' they replicate that very scene that we did, live-action. Unfortunately Jack couldn't be here to do it, but I come in and I do what we had done in the comic book."

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