Jackman "Prefers" Singer to Direct Wolverine Movie

IESB briefly questioned X-actor Hugh Jackman a.k.a., Wolverine, and confirmed that veteran super-movie director Bryan Singer is his top choice for the Wolverine movie. But will Singer have time to do both Superman II AND another X-Film?
IESB: About a month ago, you said you might have news on who you would prefer to have direct Wolverine. Recently, Bryan Singer has said he was offered to direct it, doing more research I am hearing it’s been you hoping to get Bryan to direct it.

Hugh Jackman: Well, the…(laughing)…the thing is it’s all in negotiations, I can really…there is a list and Bryan is, sort of, at the beginning of it, so, of course, he’s in the loop. So, but, it is too early for me to say.

IESB: The fact that he [Bryan Singer] is talking about it…

Hugh Jackman: I think it’s great, we’ll see the way we go, and now we have the script and now we really need to work out who is the best person for it. But, you know, Bryan has always been in the loop, for us.

IESB: Is the plan still to shoot [Wolverine] mid-year next year (2007)?

Hugh Jackman: No, I’m meant to finish Baz’s [Lurhmann] movie, the end of August, my guess is that Baz might just go til September…well, who knows, I think we’ll go for the beginning of ’08. That way…I need to have, my idea for Wolverine, I want to have four months clear before I start shooting, ‘cause I want to be in shape, the physical shape, I have never been in before.
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