Spider-Man 3 Star Tobey Maguire Is A Father!

The soon-to-be-wed couple Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer are the parents of a baby girl!
The couple, who have been together for around 4 years and announced their engagement earlier this year, are the parents of a baby girl! Who are we talking about? Everyone's favorite Marvel superhero Tobey Maguire and his sweetheart Jennifer Meyer!

When Tobey starred in 2002's 1st Spider-Man film the movie banked over $200 million ...in only the first week and a half. Spider-Man was also the key domino to the mass adapting of comic book movies!

Expect more action May 4th 2007 when Maguire stars in Spider-Man 3! Fans can also look forward to the 4th wall-crawler installment ...if the couple's media STALKERS leave them alone long enough for the film to be made!

Just kidding!

...seriously, though, they're stalkers.
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