Spider-Man 3 premier tickets up for auction

The winning bidder will recieve 2 tickets to the World-premier opening of Spider-man 3,in addition to haveing his or her picture taken with Spider-man(Tobey McGuire)himself...
experience the thrill that is sure to be Spider-Man 3!! Location and date TBD. Tobey Mcguire is the everyman actor, someone who reminds us that stories about real people are still worth telling.

Tobey Maguire specializes in playing the lonely outcast who overcomes hurdles to do something good, offering a refreshing respite from the ridiculously buffed up heroes crowding other film projects.

He gained popular attention in the sleeper hits The Ice Storm and The Cider House Rules. After playing Michael Douglas' student in Wonder Boys, he donned the webbed avenger's mask in Spider-Man, launching him to stardom. He consistently chooses great scripts, recently portraying jockey Red Pollard in Seabiscuit and reprising his role as Spiderman.
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