A Slight Change in Costumes for Batman, Joker

According to the guys over at Batmanonfilm.com, an insider at the studio of "The Dark Knight" says to look out for more of a "Fabricky " material for the new Bat-suit...
Not too long ago, BOF was told that the Bat-suit for TDK would be “sleeker” than its predecessor and show how Bruce would make advancements to his gear. Well, an insider is back to offer a bit more insight into The Batman’s new threads.

Our guy tells us to look for a suit that’s “athletic” and be more “fabricky” -- if I can use that as a description. There will still be an element of the sculpted “body armor” on the suit, so don’t expect something totally rubber-free.

We know that Heath Ledger's portrayal will be nothing like we've seen before on screen -- i.e Cesar Romero and Jack Nicholson. Consequently, don't expect TDK's Joker to be "costumed" as we've seen in the past either. While he will still clearly look like and be The Joker, expect him to be "less cartoony," if you will. Our source told BOF, "[Since The Joker is] much more dark, sinister, and threatening [in TDK], his costume is very much going to reflect that." He added, "It's not going to be a suit that is tailored for him, but more something he acquired.
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