Brandon Routh Talks About Superman Returns Vidgame!

The new Superman is big on electronic gaming ...and has been since the days of the 1st Nintendo!
The new Superman Returns disc is available on DVD, HDDVD, Blu-Ray and also as a new hit videogame ...a game Brandon Routh loves! In an article that appeared in Yahoo! Games today, Routh revealed his taste in the videogaming world.

The actor has been gaming since he was eight years old, when he got the 8-Bit Nintendo system for Christmas.
"I got Super Mario Bros. , Excite Bike and Duck Hunt," said Routh. "There was a lot of good gaming then; that eventually got me into role-playing games. I upgraded to the Genesis and Super Nintendo over the years. I was a bit of a geek as far as that's concerned. I played a lot of role-playing games on computers growing up. Now I like to play games like Madden, Gran Turismo, and Halo. I spend a fair amount of time playing videogames."

During the shooting for Superman Returns in Australia, Routh played XBOX at his apartment and played PS2 in his trailer between shooting!

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