No Shredder In TMNT!

The human cheese grater gets dumped for monsters and Space aliens!
A huge fan of Batman Begins, TMNT director Kevin Munroe didn’t want to bring back the franchise’s previous villains. "I love the way that worked, and how the Joker is hinted at as being the next villain," Munroe said. "I think it would have been a mistake to bring in the Joker as the first [bad guy] in this latest round, and that is why we don't have Shredder in this one."

Instead TMNT will toss a new combination of monsters and space aliens into the mix. “We wanted to be a bit like Ghostbusters, with that level of fun and imagination, and still stay grounded with the fact that they are family,” said Munroe. “We want it to be fun, not too crazy, but believable."

TMNT is scheduled to open nationwide on March 23. Cowabunga!

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