The "Lizard " a possible villian in Spider-man 4?

With actor Dylan Baker(a.k.a Doc Conners) still making appearnces in the Spider-man movies(2,3),there's still a good chance we may see his alter-ego pop up in the up-coming Spidey films...

Curt Conners was a gifted surgeon,who went into war to help his country, but his arm was injured in an explosion,and had to be removed.

He eventually read into reptilain Biology,and from the DNA of a reptile mixed a new serum. He consumed it,and his arm grew back in place. Though there was one side effect. When stressed he turns into a mutant lizard. Becoming one of Spidey's most dangerous foes.

Peter Parker is an assistan teacher to Doc Conners, which makes it difficult for him, because the Doc is a good friend to both Peter and Spider-man.

"It's still Doc Connors is the guy who Peter Parker has to go to for info," said Baker. "And he runs into all kinds of things that he doesn't understand, so I'm his answer guy."

Baker is a patient man, so does not mind waiting for his turn at villainry. "Well, you don't know. It's still down the road possibly."

And if Lizard is the big bad in "Spider-Man 4," Baker is game. "Yeah, definitely."
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