Brian Cox to be Airbrushed in Wolverine?

William Stryker (Cox) finds fountain of youth!
Back in X3, Ian Mckellen (Magneto) and Patrick Stewart (Professor X) underwent extensive, computer generated (CG) airbrushing to give them a younger look. Well that could be in store for Cox in the upcoming WOLVERINE movie.

The film is apparently set 17 years before Logan met the X-men. Brian Cox commented on WOLVERINE during a BBC program, Film 2007. He said “it's set seventeen years ago, which is fine for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine doesn't age but for me, I'm thinking they could what they did with Patrick and Ian for the start of the third one. I know my character is in it, they've asked me to be in it but that was a while ago now, it's completely stalled so no start date as yet.”

So there you have it folks, perhaps Wolverine’s archenemy William Stryker might have stumbled upon the fountain of youth. But aint that always how it goes, the bad guys get all the breaks! Stay tuned for all the latest details on Logan’s solo screen debut. SNIK!
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