REMINDER: Hulk Lowdown on Sci-Fi Channel

Don't miss the Sci-Fi Hulk Movie special tonight! Click the link for times.
SCI FI brings you an Exclusive First Look at one of the summer's most anticipated movies!

Co-stars Josh Lucas (Glenn Talbot) and Sam Elliott (General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross) host this insider's guide to THE HULK. This world-premiere special features never-before-seen clips, special-effects tours, behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive on-set interviews with director Ang Lee and stars Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly and Nick Nolte.

You'll also take a journey inside Marvel Studios to meet the man who co-created the Hulk, Stan Lee, and see the evolution of the ever-lovin' green guy from comic book to cartoon to TV show to multimillion-dollar summer blockbuster.

Below is a listing for the month of June:
JUN-18th: 10:00 PM
JUN-18th: 2:00 AM
JUN-19th: 5:00 PM
JUN-20th: 4:00 PM
JUN-20th: 7:00 PM
JUN-21st: 10:00 AM
JUN-22nd: 11:00 PM

All these showtimes are EST. (Roll back 3 hours for Pacific, 2 hours for Mountain and 1 hour for Central. If this is too difficult, and math is a sore point, just check your local listings)
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