Hulk 2 Scouting in Canada!!!

“The Abomination” confirmed to be in the movie!!
Universal and Marvel Entertainment responsible for producing Hulk 2 aka “The Incredible Hulk,” have been scouting studio location in Vancouver and Toronto.

Actor Adrien Brody is rumored to play the big, green machines alter ego “David Bruce Banner,” but as of yet no confirmation on this.

What can be confirmed? Well for starters, producer Avi Arad has stated that “The Abomination” will be the super villain of choice for the movie!!!

The movie’s budget is set around the $125 million range. Louis Letterier “Transporter” is directing the film, with the screenplay written by Zak Penn (X-men: The last Stand).

Look for this one, expected to smash its way into theaters on June 13, 2008!

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