New Fantastic Four 2 Commercial Airs During "Heroes" - Next Week Exclusive Spider-Man 3 Clip to Debut

Thanks to DennisW22 who reported this news about exclusive FF2 and Spider-Man 3 clips...
This pass monday (2/26/07) on the NBC show "Heroes"(9:00 pm) an exclusive trailer for Fantastic Four 2 was shown, in the clip there was new footage of the Silver Surfer, the fantastic car in action and flying through the air, and many references toward Galactus, making it seem like he will definately be in the movie, "8 days after the surfer shows up the plant eater shows up"(actual quote from the clip), and next monday(3/5/07) with "Heroes" (on NBC @ 9:00 pm) will be an exclusive never before seen look at Spiderman 3.
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