IRON MAN writer Mark Fergus sits down to tell us some new happenings on the set of IRON MAN!
Mark Fergus, who co-scripted the upcoming IRON MAN, recently spoke to the Jew Review about his work bringing the battle-equipped exoskeleton wearing superhero Tony Stark to the big screen. As the film is in the fetal stages of development, he didn't go into extreme detail about any one particular point but he did have some interesting things to say nonetheless. One of the more interesting things he mentioned is that recently crowned Iron Man cinematic portrayer Robert Downey Jr. had recently had a fitting for the suit, which brings to mind the expression "awwww sheeit, it's on like mutha[frick]in' Donkey Kong, baby!" Check out the interview over at With the way the cast's shaping up, especially Downey Jr. as Stark (talk about inspired casting), come May 2nd, 2008, we may have another SPIDER-MAN or X-MEN-esque hit on our hands.
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