Will Galactus Appear in Fantastic Four 2 or Not?

Your humble reporters right here at ComicBookMovie.com were the first to break the story that the Silver Surfer and Galactus would be the antagonists in FF2. Then recently, an interview with Mr. Fantastic (Ioan Gruffud) inferred that only the big "G"s cosmic herald would actually be seen in the flick. Well, now according to director Tim Story's myspace page, the planet devourer may indeed make an appearance!
"There continues to be much speculation about Galactus. Major speculation. We haven't finished the design of him/it so be careful about what you read and believe. Trust me...no one knows. One things for sure, you can expect to see him/it. It will be pretty powerful. I'm having a lot of fun with the concept and believe me - MOST will be satisfied."

Maybe we're talking a totally CGI glimpse of the big guy right at the end? Stay tuned right here to find out.

And thanks to John for the heads up!
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