New Spider-Man 3 Footage At WonderCon

Including fight scenes, appearances by Willem DaFoe and Venom plus much more!
Exclusive never before seen footage of Spider-Man 3 was recently presented by Avi Arad via pre-recorded message to 3000 attendees at the San Francisco WonderCon. Unfortunately no video or photos of the clips are available as of yet but a detailed description of the footage was provided by IESB.

WARNING Spoilers Ahead:

Edward Brock, Jr. (Topher Grace) sits in a church pew asking [God] to kill Peter Parker.

Cut to Spider-Man flying through the city. They really have the CGI down now! Spidey looks great -- limber and realistic.

We see Peter's science teacher with strange black goo in a lab. He says to Peter, "It's sure attracted to you," as Peter captures it in a tumbler.

Goblin (Willem DaFoe) says menacingly to GG, Jr. (James Franco), "You know what you must do!"

A chase between Goblin, Jr. and Spidey ensues. GG, Jr. releases several green grenades and Peter says, "I hate those things."

The black goo has taken over Spidey. Mary Jane warns Peter, "I'm worried about you." Peter replies, "We have to stop him [Franco]."

The only noticeable difference as Spidey tears through the city is the dark black suit in place of the red and blue....

Cut to Peter tearing off the black suit--but it keeps coming back! Several pieces tear off and drop...onto Edward Brock, Jr., who recognizes that Spider-Man is Peter Parker.

Then we see the most thrilling aspect of this trailer -- the audience could barely contain their squeals -- as, finally, for only a flicker of a moment -- VENOM! He looks hot. And ferocious. And he devilishly smiles with thos razors for teeth.

VENOM strikes!!!

Grin and all!!!!

Sounds amazing, stay tuned to CBM for more on this footage.
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