Joel Silver Talks Wonder Woman

At the recent Wonder Con in San Francisco, Joel Silver took a moment talk about the Wonder Woman film and it's current status during his panel for The Reaping.
Later, Silver told SCI FI Wire that the Wonder Woman project had a long way to go. "We're not there yet," Silver said in an interview. "I mean, look, ... for a while these Marvel Comics [movies] have been kicking the DC Comics [movies'] ass. You know? I mean all these characters that just keep coming out. And, look, they revived Batman. They're making a new Batman now. It should be great. They're making a new Superman, and they're going to do Justice League, all the characters, which I think is a cool idea. And we're going to get Wonder Woman to work."

Silver denied that the spec script would be the basis for the movie. "I don't think so," he said, adding that he never wanted to make a period film. "We didn't buy it for that. There were some good ideas in it, but it was out there, and we wanted to just kind of not have it floating around. We wanted just to acquire it and keep it."

As for how the project will move forward without Whedon? "We'll make it work," Silver said. "You know, it's going to [work]. ... We just couldn't figure it out, but we'll get there." But for now, Silver said he's not actively looking for a new writer or director. "No, not yet. We're just ... talking about it, and we'll get back to it soon."
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